EVO Russian

Pilates, but EVOlved


PilatesEVO© is like no other Pilates system. Developed in London by Chris Hunt Pilates, it takes Pilates in a
new and exciting direction incorporating more functional training methods and movement patterns,

whilst staying true to traditional Pilates principles.















PilatesEVO© expands on the mind and body element of Pilates by incorporating Neuro-Linguistic

Programming and Mindfulness Meditation techniques to maximise the psychological and physical
benefits, improving concentration and making clients emotionally, mentally and spiritually fitter.



















ilatesEVO© has more flow with sequences of moves using the sacred numbers 3, 7 and 21. It uses an uplifting,
unique soundtrack mixed in London by DJ Shameless, so clients really connect with how their body is moving
and working, giving a far deeper and rewarding experience.





Many PilatesEVO© moves have different levels progressing muscular fitness using repetitions, range of motion, rate and
resistance. This creates a system that will remain challenging to a wide range of training goals from elite athletes, people
seeking everyday fitness, to clients rehabilitating following accident or injury.


















PilatesEVO© helps increase muscular strength and endurance as well as flexibility, helps prevent injury and improve
performance with movements that are applicable to client’s life and sport. It is effective taught on a one-to-one basis or in
a group environment.




PilatesEVO© improves motor fitness such as agility, balance, speed, co-ordination,  reaction time and power.

















No exercise system can be fully effective without attention to diet and lifestyle, so PilatesEVO© also includes a philosophy on nutrition and healthy living.   





                                                                                                                                       Pilates EVO Yin© is an EVO program for women, reflecting slow, soft, yielding, diffuse,  
and passive movements associated with water, earth, and the moon.
                                                                                                                                               Pilates EVO Yang© is an EVO program for men. It’s faster, harder, solid, focused, hot,
and reflects fire, sky, and the sun.















                                                                                                                                                                PilatesEVO© uses Meridian Stretches to complete a unique exercise experience.



“PilatesEVO is more than an exercise system; it is a way of life. A way to maximise your potential physically, mentally and emotionally.“


Pilates EVO School
If you are ready to EVOvle, click the education button to go to the Pilates EVO School website where you can find information about upcoming educations, events and masterclasses.  
There are also several Pilates EVO© Modules which are also appropriate for every Pilates teacher:

Pilates EVO Tactility
© - Learn how and where to touch clients to maximise their learning experience. This module is appropriate  for and popular with all teachers of Pilates
Pilates EVO Personal Training
© - EVO for one-to-one training sessions. How to get the best from PT.
Pilates EVO Sport
© - EVO for professional and amateur sportsmen and women
Pilates EVO Pregnancy
© - EVO/Pilates  appropriate for the different stages of pregnancy
Pilates EVO Rehabilitation
© - EVO to rehabilitate clients from injury, illness or operations
Pilates EVO Forever Young
© - EVO for the over 60’s.
Pilates EVO Opulent
© - EVO for overweight clients.
There are three levels of Pilates EVO Educations: Foundation, Advanced and Mastertrainer, and there are two specific further qualifications: Pilates EVO Yin© for women, and Pilates EVO© Yang for men.